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JKT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED borns by the aims of satisfying and demand, in healthcare, of medical device and complete service.

Our innovative medical device includes color doppler ultrasound, Doppler Blood Pressure, Fetal Doppler, Vascular Doppler ect..

Our company is based on Strategic Business Unit model for maximum growth.


Be the most unique healthcare company


  • Achieve the highest degree of employee satisfaction
  • Achieve the highest quality in service to customers
  • Achieve the best financial stability whilst meeting all established KPIs ensuring best corporate governance
  • Achieve highest satisfaction with all our current and future principals
  • Carry out all our business activities in an admired and ethical framework whilst enhancing our corporate image
  • Be a partner of sustainable development of the society engaging in most admired corporate social responsibility activities

Corporate Values

  • Total commitment to our customers
  • Dynamic & human centered leadership
  • Commitment to task& team work
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Professionalism, accountability and good corporate governance













About JKT

JKT Technology working for medical some years.

We're a powerful and strategic company and still struggle to offer good ultrasound items and best service to customers.

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