Portable Touch Screen Cardiac Ultrasound 2D Color Doppler Machine with 3.5 Cardiac probe


Cardiac Ultrasound

Portable Touch Screen Cardiac Ultrasound 2D Color Doppler Machine with 3.5 Cardiac probe

Precision Tools
that Deliver Confidence

The P10C incorporates compound imaging tools that deliver crisp, clear images to help give you precision and confidence.

Console Performance
in a Durable Portable

The P10C is a new compact ultrasound system designed to deliver Simple, Fast and Precise imaging performance.


With its compact design featuring a large 15” LCD display and standard battery back-up, the P10C fits into small spaces and is ready for big demands.

  • New Intuitive user interface.
  • PortableHelp with interactive access to emergencyon settings, operation, connectivity and the user manual.
  • Scanning modes include: B-Mode, M-Mode and Pulsed Wave Doppler,CW Mode,Power Doppler Mode,Color Flow Mapping,Anatomic M-Mode


A group of innovative technologies help doctors obtain diagnosis’ fast.

  • Phase-inversionharmonicimaging+frequency compound imaging                 

         Ensure excellent penetration and more delicate 2D image

  • Spatial compound imaging

        Combining images from multi-angle to reduce artifact and improve image quality

        Compounding images from multiple scanned angles to reduce antifact and improve image quality

  • Speckle reduction technology

          Reduce speckle noise and improve image quality

  • Auto measurement of intima-media thickness (IMT)

          Easy operation improves work efficiency

  • One key Image Optimization

         Automatically adjust imaging parameters to optimaze the image with one key


The P10C integrated with new clinical ultrasonography solutions to support physicians and sonographers comprehensive diagnosis.

  • Color Doppler enhancement technology

         Effectively suppress color doppler flashing noise and improve the color flow resolution and Sensitivity

  • Multi-Beam Formation technology

          Increases time resolution and frame rate

  • Anatomic M-Mode

         Enable to steer the sample volume to any angle they choose, rather than having the sample volume in a strict vertical position.


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