U3 B/W Laptop

U3 Full Digital Laptop Scanner can be used in Abdominal,Obstetrical,Gyneclogical,Cardiac,Small parts,Urological,Vascular,Orthopedics,MSK.


Laptop B/W Ultrasound

Full Digital Laptop Medical Scanner,Black and White Ultrasound Machine

U3 Laptop Ultrasound Scanner is a notebook Black and White ultrasound system with full touch screen panel,which reflects JKT's ultimate pursuit of ultrasound image,operation and mobile performance.With a break through design concept,we provide a more clear image quality,more stable performance,and bring you a comprehensive clinical diagnosis solution,giving you a new experience for your ultrasonic diagnostic work.

Advanced Technology of U3 Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

High efficinet workflow design,allows the doctors complete the daily routine inspection quickly and easily,which greatly deduces their workload.
Intellegent image optimization solutions can help you carry out diagnosis and assessment of the difficult patients with more confidence.It makes your operation more accorate and efficient.
Portable notebook design,full touch screen control panel makes machine interaction more intuitive convenient,and allows doctors to master visual patient information anytime,anywhere.

U3 Laptop Ultrasound Scanner Imaging Processing:
Multi-frequency imaging B,B+B,4B,B+M,M,Compound Imaging,
Trapezoid Imaging
Image processing Multi-frequency probes for 2D imaging modes

U3 Laptop Ultrasound Scanner Application
Abdominal,Obstetrical,Gyneclogical,Cardiac,Small parts,Urological,Vascular,Orthopedics,MSK




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