Wireliess Ultrasound Probe

NEW USB Probe Portable Ultrasound Point-of-care ultrasound Pocket Ultrasound Scanner

U6C Convex USB Probe

Works on Windows 10

USB Probe Portable Ultrasound Point-of-care ultrasound Pocket Ultrasound Scanner works on Windows 10

U6 Probe is designed for those who want convenience and efficiency in the entire ultrasound exam.It enables a quick look inside your patients.When you meet patients at the point-of-care, you can make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it’s needed. Superior performance with a compact body, you deserve a daily visible assistant.Point-of-care ultrasound is used in emergency, critical care and anesthesiology, specialties which have not traditionally used sonography. 


U6C Convex USB Probe Main features:

  • Good image quality
  • Works on Windows 10


U6C Convex USB Probe Product Features:

  • Point-of-care diagnostic tools
  • 128 elements probes,touch high level image
  • Light weight,easy operation
  • Remote support system to share,read images and videos
  • Wide application:Clinic,First Aid,Emergency,Patrol,Ward Round,Bedside,ICU,Patients home,etc..


U6C Convex USB Probe Standard Specifications:

R60 Convex Probe

2 to 5MHz multiple frequency range


128 elements                                                                                                                                                                                                           

AQ Sonic,E Crystal,Lines Density,FrameAverage ,Dynamic

High resolution imaging fordeeper applications: abdominal, gall bladder, OB/GYN,lung and so on.

USB-C transducer with replaceable cable

Applications:Gynaecology,Urology,Abdomen,Emergency Call and ICU


Optional probes:

5 to 12 MHz L40C Linear Probe,6 to 15 MHz L25 Linear Probe,4 to 9 MHz R15 Mircro-convex Probe with 128 elements





Abdominal aorta







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